Daichi Huzayma

An incredibly talented scientist who was working with the government in Japan before being sent to Moxie City.
He enjoys nature and looking after the Earth as much as he likes figuring out how different electronic devices work.
He is looking forward to seeing his family in Tokyo.

Machine V8

We don’t know who he is, and he doesn’t know either.

We do know that he loves music and together, using music, we can help his memory to come back.

Studio Guy

Dedicated to the waves of radio and life in the studio. Few have as much musical knowledge as this dweller who sits through set after set soaking in new sounds all the time. His knowledge extends to the underground communities of the city as well, often able to get you anything you want for a reasonable price. Even though he is always present, nobody knows much about him; where he lives, who his family are or if he ever eats! If you call the studio line, he might answer or you might catch him doing a graveyard mix.


A DJ who was raised in the poorer part of the city and has dedicated himself to spreading a message of positivity.

He enjoys playing underground sounds and mind expanding music, but can get himself caught up in underhanded mischief.

Mr Silk

A clever, successful and cunning business man who has dreams of becoming the lead minister. It is believed that he once enjoyed the sounds of the underground before setting off on a personal path.

It is said that his gaze holds so much power, it is impossible not to comply with his requests.


If you need to find out what is going on somewhere in the city, this is the guy to get hold of. He has his eyes and ears everywhere and doesn’t hesitate to use it to his advantage. You can ask him for any information you’d like, he might snap, but he’ll probably help you.

A shrewd operator who has a special gift with technology.